Nouilles de Lan Zhou, Montreal



Perched above a small grocery store with which it shares an entrance, Nouilles de Lan Zhou is an unassuming Chinatown restaurant that churns out spectacular hand-pulled noodles. Before you step inside, watch from the sidewalk as the noodle makers roll, stretch, and pull the long ribbons of noodles, thick and thin.

The house specialty is noodle soup in the Lan Zhou style: a mild broth with thin sliced beef, cilantro, green onion, and chili oil—the amount used corresponds to the level of spiciness you request. There’s also chili oil at the table, in case you want more heat. The soup comes in three sizes, and the large is enormous. You also choose the shape of the noodle—round or flat, each available in several sizes, from moxi, the thinnest round noodle, to da kuan, which is the widest flat noodle, upwards of an inch wide. Get the combo, which includes a side salad—choose from edamame, spicy cucumber salad, or pickled vegetables—as well as a delicious tea egg added into your soup.

Also spectacular is the noodles with pork sauce (zhajiang mian), a dry (broth-less) dish with flat noodles and pork in a heavenly fermented bean sauce along with edamame, cucumbers, carrots, bok choy, and cilantro, served with a side of clear broth. (I’ll admit it: I went back to Nouilles de Lan Zhou a second time to get another plate of this dish. It’s amazing.)


1006 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Chinatown

11 to 9 (9:30 on Friday and Saturday)

Open 7 days

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