Library Book Sale 6

I buy too many books. It’s a fact. Last weekend, we went to another library book sale. They had a number of other food books I was very interested in, but they were damaged. Alas, it’s just as well.

Some notable finds here: I’ve been looking for an Elizabeth David book. This one, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, is a compilation of her articles and short essays. She’s been highly recommended to me, so I look forward to reading it. Pat Willard’s America Eats is of particular interest. I’ve been reading The Food of a Younger Land, edited by Mark Kurlansky. Both books draw on the WPA’s Federal Writer’s Program project to document America’s foodways across the country. I intend to write about both books, and about the project generally…soon, I hope. And lastly, I’m always happy to find a Santa Fe/New Mexico cookbook. Oh, and an Evan Kleinman book. I miss her show on KCRW, I miss LA…sigh.

Library Book Sale 6


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