CSA, Week 1


We finally did it—we bought a CSA share. Kinda hard to believe it’s our first time. Honestly, I’m not sure why we’ve never done it. But now we have, and I’m pretty excited.

Our share is at an organic farm in town. Pickup is at the farm, which is as quaint and charming as you could imagine. An old farmhouse and enormous barn on acres and acres of lovely fields with open views of distant hills. The farm store carries the shelves of CSA items that you grab yourself (or containers for pick-your-own options—this week, you could pick your own strawberries). There are also additional items for sale from the farm, as well as items from other local producers. It’s the kind of place you’d love to have your kid remember when she grows up. I hope my daughter remembers it. I’m glad she can have this kind of experience buying food. I’m glad that I can have it. Here are a few pics:


As the picture at the top of the post shows, our first share included spring garlic, choice of cilantro or chives (we went with the latter; we have cilantro all the time, and I couldn’t remember the last time we had chives in the house), pick-your-own strawberries, radishes, arugula, pea tendrils, and kweik buttercrunch lettuce. My husband, my daughter, and I all went to the pickup together, but, unfortunately,  I had to run back to work and couldn’t join them for the strawberry picking.

I’ll post images of some of the things I make this week on Instagram.

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