CSA, Week 2


Week 2. As shown above, this week we got mixed greens, salad turnips (hakurei?), garlic ramps, red leaf lettuce, pick-your-own strawberries, kale, and oregano.

As I wrote in my week 1 rundown, last week I wasn’t able to stick around to pick strawberries with my daughter. This time, I could. And it was a lot of fun. I think she ate all of the ones she picked (sorry, farm!). At first I tried to fight it—it was wrong, the strawberries were dirty, I need to control my kid better, and so on. And then, I figured, what the hell? She’s a happy, sweet kid, and she’s having fun eating some strawberries. Let her enjoy herself. And that’s what I did. Last week, my husband and daughter picked the strawberries that came home. This week, I was the picker, and I brought, let’s say, a more exacting standard to the task. Here are a few shots:

I’m looking especially looking forward to the turnips, which can be eaten raw, and the turnip greens, which I’ll saute. And those garlic ramps—so beautiful! In fact, I kinda thought this whole group was great looking. I took close ups of them all:



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