CSA, Week 3


For week 3, we picked up lettuce, radishes, mixed micro-greens, red currants, sugar snap peas, cilantro, and scallions.

Again, we got to do some picking, this time red currants. I don’t think I had ever eaten a fresh red currant before. Neither had my husband or daughter. One of the joys of a CSA—trying things you’ve never had before, and trying it fresh from an organic farm no less. The walk to the fields brings us past some content-looking sheep:



To get to the currants, we had to pass by the strawberries. Having picked strawberries there twice now, my daughter didn’t want to pass by, especially since she could see the plump little red berries, which of course meant they must be waiting for her little fingers…. Strawberries were an option for picking as well, put they were described as second pass, suitable for jam, etc., which is why we decided to try the currants instead. As we arrived at the rows of red currant plants, the jewel-toned little berries looked beautiful. I popped a couple in my mouth—wow, tart! Miraculously, my daughter liked them. She did in the field anyhow…she has not been a fan at home. I guess it makes sense—the fun of picking a berry straight from a plant and popping it in your mouth is pretty cool.




There was a lot in this week’s share that I was very excited about: I love snap peas and almost never treat myself to them at the grocery store. These ones did not disappoint. And yet I was unsuccessful in getting my daughter to try even one…. I was also excited about the microgreens, which added a peppery kick to salads this week. In fact, the radishes, microgreens, peas, cilantro, and scallions have all joined forces with the lettuce to make some pretty fantastic salads already this week. Hard to make out all the components in the image below, but they were all there.


Looking forward to next week…

IMG_0478 2

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