CSA, Week 5


Week 5. Hard to believe it’s been five weeks. The produce gets more exciting every week. This week: scallions, summer squash, chard, carrots (with all their glorious greens), thai basil, a quart of pick-your-own raspberries and blueberries (there are a lot of beautiful blueberries under there…), cucumbers, more summer squash (or is it zucchini?), and lettuce (red leaf salanova?). Maybe a Thai curry in there? We’ll see….

For the pick-your-own option this week, we could pick a quart of blueberries, raspberries, and/or red currants. We went with a mix of the first two. Last week’s raspberries were so delicious, and we had been looking forward to the blueberries. My daughter lost steam again—another hot day—so my husband and I got to work to fill that quart-size basket. The berries on the blueberry bushes were the loveliest shades of lavender and blue:



As the basket filled up, we ambled over to the raspberry patch:




My daughter loved last week’s raspberries, so she got almost all of the pint-sized basket to herself. This week, I’m gonna have to sneak a few of these treats for myself.

Some close-ups:






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