CSA, Week 8


Week 8: Purple and white potatoes, orange cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, pistou basil, green and purple bell pepper, garlic, squash, and string beans.

This week is pretty representative of some of the best things about this CSA…. The joy of finding something new; in this case, husk cherries. I love these little guys. I’ve basically been a husk cherry evangelist, singing their praises to may over the last two weeks and getting a couple of converts under my belt. Three colors of string beans. A dark purple bell pepper. Squash with yellow and pale green stripes. Pistou basil. Cherry tomatoes genuinely bursting with sweetness. Garlic bulbs caked in dirt, evidence of how recently they were unearthed. It’s these subtle variations and these signs of small-scale farming with a focus on diverse varietals that make this CSA so rewarding.

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