CSA, Weeks 12, 11, and 10


Week 12: Scallions, cherry tomatoes, radishes, fennel, sunshoots, heirloom tomatoes, and string beans. It finally happened—heirloom tomatoes are here! Granted, some of the cherry tomatoes we’ve been getting for the last few weeks are heirloom varietals, but I’ve been waiting (somewhat) patiently for these guys. I’ve even been (for the most part) passing up buying them elsewhere in anticipation. I was told by an acquaintance who has done this CSA share for years that I can expect a bounty of heirloom tomatoes. This year, all the rain might be the culprit, but the heirloom tomatoes only came the very last week of August.  But hey, now that they’re finally here, I’m definitely thrilled.



I see a very happy tomato-filled week ahead!


Week 11: Green plum tomatoes, lettuce, pick-your-own cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, red onions (with the greens still on—pretty!), peppers, pistou basil, basil, zephyr squash, and four funny-looking apples.


Week 10: Plum tomatoes, red and white potatoes, husk cherries, zephyr squash, cucumbers, string beans (three colors), eggplant, and scallions. We also had pick-your-own cherry tomatoes. We had to go back to pick them, since it was raining when we went for the initial pickup.



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