Globavore Interview

Fresh Chickpeas
That time I bought a ton of (labor-intensive) fresh chickpeas at the Santa Monica Downtown Farmers Market, one of my very favorite markets 

I recently had the pleasure of answering 20 questions about food and travel for the Globavore Interviews, a project by the amazing travel writer Johanna Read ( Her goal with the project is “to get people talking and thinking about food and inspire them to travel and eat.” Here are a few of the questions she asks:

  • You’re at your favourite eatery with three companions (fictional, living or dead). Where (and when!) are you and who are you with?
  • Strangest meal you’ve ever eaten?
  • What are your favourite markets for a) eating b) finding unusual things and c) photography?
  • If money were no object, where (and what) would you eat?
  • Country / city where you’ve found the best food? The worst?

You can see my interview here: Twenty-two travel/food writers have participated so far. You can see the whole list and more about the project here: She’s gathered a great group of writers who have given some fascinating answers. Check it out!


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