Rosemary Flatbread Crackers

Rosemary Parmesan Flatbread Cracker

Who doesn’t love those rustic Italian rosemary crackers, so crispy, flaky, and salty? A calm evening between two snow storms seemed like a good time to give them a try at home. My daughter loves playing with dough, so we had a fun time making them together.

Rosemary Parmesan Flatbread Cracker 2

I used this recipe, originally from Gourmet magazine:

The recipe calls for splitting the dough into three pieces and cooking them one at a time. I rolled the dough out extra thin, since I was looking for a very light and crispy texture. I added a little parmesan to the second and third rounds. You could add whatever you’d like…maybe crushed red pepper, seeds, other herbs, and so on.

Rosemary Parmesan Flatbread Cracker 3

I served them along with tapenade and hummus. They would be lovely with a soft cheese and a spread like fig jam. They’re also great just on their own.


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