CSA, Week 8

Week 8: Purple and white potatoes, orange cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, pistou basil, green and purple bell pepper, garlic, squash, and string beans. This week is pretty representative of some of the best things about this CSA…. The joy of finding something new; in this case, husk cherries. I love these little guys. I’ve basically … More CSA, Week 8

CSA, Week 6

Week 6. A bag of arugula, red and purple potatoes, blueberries, pistou basil, napa cabbage, cipollini onions, zucchini, and cucumbers. Lots of possibilities. I was hoping we’d get to some tomatoes this week, so I was rather sad to see that was not the case. Maybe next week? But there was still plenty to be … More CSA, Week 6