CSA, Week 9: Too Much Rain and the Inherent Uncertainty of Farming

Week 9: Peaches, cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, purple cabbage, tea herbs (mix of anise, mountain mint, holy basil, sweet fern, fennel, and lemon balm), cippolini onions, squash, and carrots. We weren’t sure what to expect this week. The lead farmer sent out an email a couple of days before pick-up in which she shared her … More CSA, Week 9: Too Much Rain and the Inherent Uncertainty of Farming

CSA, Week 8

Week 8: Purple and white potatoes, orange cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, pistou basil, green and purple bell pepper, garlic, squash, and string beans. This week is pretty representative of some of the best things about this CSA…. The joy of finding something new; in this case, husk cherries. I love these little guys. I’ve basically … More CSA, Week 8

CSA, Week 7

It’s already been seven weeks! This week included basil, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, string beans, yellow squash, and scallions. There were also PYO berries, but it was raining, so I’ll go back later in the week. Still no tomatoes. Here are a few close-ups… Three colors of string bean: Carrots just loosened from the ground: … More CSA, Week 7

CSA, Week 6

Week 6. A bag of arugula, red and purple potatoes, blueberries, pistou basil, napa cabbage, cipollini onions, zucchini, and cucumbers. Lots of possibilities. I was hoping we’d get to some tomatoes this week, so I was rather sad to see that was not the case. Maybe next week? But there was still plenty to be … More CSA, Week 6

CSA, Week 5

Week 5. Hard to believe it’s been five weeks. The produce gets more exciting every week. This week: scallions, summer squash, chard, carrots (with all their glorious greens), thai basil, a quart of pick-your-own raspberries and blueberries (there are a lot of beautiful blueberries under there…), cucumbers, more summer squash (or is it zucchini?), and … More CSA, Week 5

CSA, Week 4

This CSA share is really starting to heat up. This week, we got garlic scapes, kale, salad turnips, basil (yes!), pick-your-own raspberries (yes!), yellow and green zucchini, two types of salanova lettuce, and cabbage. We’ve had quite a heat wave this week, so picking our own fruit was a pretty sweaty undertaking. But it was … More CSA, Week 4

CSA, Week 3

For week 3, we picked up lettuce, radishes, mixed micro-greens, red currants, sugar snap peas, cilantro, and scallions. Again, we got to do some picking, this time red currants. I don’t think I had ever eaten a fresh red currant before. Neither had my husband or daughter. One of the joys of a CSA—trying things … More CSA, Week 3

CSA, Week 2

Week 2. As shown above, this week we got mixed greens, salad turnips (hakurei?), garlic ramps, red leaf lettuce, pick-your-own strawberries, kale, and oregano. As I wrote in my week 1 rundown, last week I wasn’t able to stick around to pick strawberries with my daughter. This time, I could. And it was a lot … More CSA, Week 2

CSA, Week 1

We finally did it—we bought a CSA share. Kinda hard to believe it’s our first time. Honestly, I’m not sure why we’ve never done it. But now we have, and I’m pretty excited. Our share is at an organic farm in town. Pickup is at the farm, which is as quaint and charming as you … More CSA, Week 1