CSA, Week 2

Week 2. As shown above, this week we got mixed greens, salad turnips (hakurei?), garlic ramps, red leaf lettuce, pick-your-own strawberries, kale, and oregano. As I wrote in my week 1 rundown, last week I wasn’t able to stick around to pick strawberries with my daughter. This time, I could. And it was a lot … More CSA, Week 2

CSA, Week 1

We finally did it—we bought a CSA share. Kinda hard to believe it’s our first time. Honestly, I’m not sure why we’ve never done it. But now we have, and I’m pretty excited. Our share is at an organic farm in town. Pickup is at the farm, which is as quaint and charming as you … More CSA, Week 1